Welcome!  Our STEAM program JJ Flynn is in itś third successful year.   I created the integrated curriculum and teach our K-5 students.  STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, art (design basics), engineering and math.   Students will meet with me once a week for 45 minutes and during this time we will be involved in different projects that involve two or more of the content areas in STEAM.

This program has been very popular our students and parents and will continue to grow and excite year after year.  STEAM is especially important for students who enjoy hands-on, minds-on learning, teamwork and problem solving.  One parent told me, ¨My son doesn´t feel as though he excels in traditional subjects like reading or writing and is always comparing himself to his sister and her accolades in such subjects.  STEAM is his favorite class because he feels like he is successful in the projects he does there.  They make sense to him.  It has made him feel proud of himself.¨  Thatś exactly what keeps me going!

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  1. Just had a look at your site – was inspired – especially as I have been procrastinating about starting a gardening project – to see it being done and appreciated by the pupils- is great – carry on the great job

    Shabbir Ahmed
    Earth House School
    Dhaka, Bangladesh


    • Thank you for your comment Shabbir! I would love to hear more about what your students are doing in the garden. Perhaps we could have our classes Skype sometime? Please be in touch again.

      Courtney Asaro


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