Diving into Wind Energy

As part of the fourth grade energy unit, students and teachers spend time discussing and learning about renewable energy;  itś pros and cons and how different methods work.  To integrate and allow students a deeper look into wind energy, in STEAM we have been investigating wind turbine models.  We explored the following questions:

  • How does this turbine model connect to Michael Faraday´s research on electromagnetism?
  • How does the wind energy transfer to electricity?
  • Does the number of blades affect voltage created?
  • Does the angle of blades affect voltage created?

Additionally, each group learned how to accurately read a volt meter, keep data and even tried to see if they could produce enough electricity with the turbine model to light a small bulb!


2 thoughts on “Diving into Wind Energy

  1. This unit has made a big impact on April! We were walking at Ethan Allen Park on Sunday and had a conversation about how wind energy is such a great way to solve the energy issues in the world, but the trade offs around birds and other species was troubling for her. She told me that coming up with a way to signal the birds about the dangers of the blades on the turbine was kind of like ways boats might be able to signal dolphins and other marine life about the dangers of moving ships rotors. Great transfer of knowledge about human impacts on the environment. LOVE this whole unit!!


    • Thanks for the comment Tracy! I passed this along to our fourth grade team because they also worked really hard to integrate this unit and have amazing trips and community resources. I like April´s idea – she should prototype it!!


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