Now what is a scientist… really

Three amazing scientists from ESPCoR visited our Flynn first graders for a second year.  They thought that the first visit was such a huge success that they would come back again!

When you ask a first grader what a scientist is you get a wide range of answers ranging from:

  • a person who wears a lab coat.
  • a person that makes potions.
  • or my favorite this year;  a person that carries handcuffs.

So in order to promote our wonderful study of science and debunk all the myths of what scientists really are, we brought three female scientists in to teach us.  They taught us that:

  • yes, we wear lab coats, but not that often.  We usually wear ripped jeans when we’re doing field studies.
  • we collect water samples and bug samples to check for the health of the lake.
  • we use many tools, such as magnifying glasses, microscopes and vials.
  • and we get to travel to other countries, like China and parts of the South American continent.

We also had some amazing ideas and questions come from our students about:

  • zebra mussels
  • blue/green algae

We will visit these questions and ideas in future STEAM classes.

Thanks EPSCoR!!




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