Fourth Graders and our Earth’s History

As part of our blossoming partnership with the Community Sailing Center, fourth graders were visited by CSC’s educator Dayna McRoberts who taught an interactive lesson on geology and the evolution of Earth in connection with their water and land unit.  Together, students created a timeline of the Earth’s history and learned many new important facts about their planet, rocks and the importance that land and water makes in our existence.  The fact that surprised most students was that after the Big Bang, it rained on Earth for 500 million years!  

FullSizeRender (13)

Jen Guimaraes, director of CSC, Dayna McRoberts, Graham Clarke and myself have been working continuously on CSC curriculum this year to ensure that lessons coming out of CSC are integrated with the science units of fourth and fifth graders.  These units will be taught in all elementary schools throughout the entire Burlington School District.  I thank Jen and Dayna for their dedication and hard work to bring STEM lessons and lake experiences to the students of BSD.  


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