What’s Been Going on in STEAM Class Lately??

Quite some time has passed since I last blogged so here’s a quick rundown of some of the exciting things that happened in STEAM this spring!

First grade:  In connection with their math content from class, students discussed geometry and the connection of shapes in building design.  They then created three dimensional shapes with gumdrops and toothpicks to test their strength.  We discussed various building designs around the world, such as the One World Trade Tower, the Burj Kalifa, the Shanghai Tower and even ancient buildings such as the Pyramids of Egypt and the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.  Students were challenged to create and test shapes for their strength.

Fifth Grade:  One of our community partners, the Community Sailing Center, has been to Flynn multiple times this spring to bring curriculum connected to the NGSS standards we teach and a goal of inspiring increased lake stewardship for our students.  Dayna McRoberts, educator of CSC, allowed students to test various water samples, some out of our faucet, and discuss what pH, phosphorus, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity is.  These scientific ideas were easy for students to grapple with as they did similar tests with EPSCoR earlier this year and during their ecosystem unit with Ms. Pecor.  As a class Dayna discussed the implications of high turbidity in water or elevated phosphorus levels and what actions students can take to improve lake health.  

Even more exciting, a few weeks after, all fifth grade students made trips to the Sailing Center to sail, test pH, turbidity and take the temperature of Lake Champlain.  I was lucky to join Ms. Pecor’s class on the lake and was impressed by the knowledge they held about the lake.  I said to one of our fifth graders, “Wow, you know so much about science!  It’s incredible,” to which she replied, “We learn it all in your class Ms. Asaro!”  I certainly can’t take full responsibility for the breadth of their knowledge, but it is remarkable to see how much of our integrated teaching is paying off.  


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