Sailing Center Partnership

Were you aware the Sailing Center located on Penny Street on beautiful Lake Champlain is moving to a new building?  Yes!  It’s true and exciting to residents such as I who have shuttled our kids to the Sailing Center for years now.  In addition to having a lovely new center, (if you’ve ever been to the current space you’ll know what I mean) the Center is building a large educational space for teaching lessons connected to sailing or lake stewardship in mind.

Last year, the Sailing Center became JJ Flynn’s official partner.  In doing so, I have been piloting and co-teaching their STEM connected lesson plans, intended to reach all BSD elementary schools in the future, to our fourth and fifth graders.  Over the past two weeks, one of the Sailing Center’s educators, Dayna McRoberts, has been visiting and working with our students on the tenants of the basics of wind, how and why we need to measure wind’s speed and direction.

Students are excited when they see Dayna, because some have been lucky to take classes at the Sailing Center and remember her from there.  Others, enjoy the excitement in change and are very happy to hear that soon, in fifth grade, they too, will be able to take a ride on one of the sailboats at the Center with their class.

Tomorrow students will be trying out their newly engineered wind vanes and anemometers to decide where the most wind is on our school property and why.  This lesson goes hand in hand with VEEP’s presentation today on renewable energy resources that the fourth grade was a part of.  I hope students can decide where, if we were to add one, the best place would be to erect a wind turbine on our school property after measuring and analyzing data.  Hope it’s as windy as it was today!



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